After growing up in Langley, I married my best friend, my husband and we had two amazing, wise and self-deprecating boys who fill my life with pride. I worked in health care for many years before transitioning to part time work in educational support services while raising our kids with our many dogs and cats over the years. In time, we grew our family as well as our pretty little garden while cooking up a storm and working on never ending renovations to our special character home with it’s welcoming wrap-around porch that creaks upon entry in its farmhouse essence of perfection.
Once my children both entered university, I realised it was time to follow my heart and open a little shop that evokes everything I dream of which breathes life into a home. Forever an idealist and romantic with images in my head of time-worn travels through glorious purple meadows and rutted bicycle paths, I realised how much my style has been influenced by my youthful trip to Europe as a teenager and again of backpacking through Europe with my husband. In particular the French morning markets in Provence where you will find good cheese, wine, olive oils and dried flowers, loaves of crusted bread and dark roasted coffee in tiny villages of cobbled streets and rolling fields of lavender. French weekend markets in many country towns in rural France where vendors sell wonderful fresh linen tablecloths, beautifully packaged soaps, pottery and olive wood hand carved by local artisans, lavender that can turn the landscape into an Impressionist painting, so vibrantly purple are the colours.
With these evocative images pressed forever into my mind, I opened a shop in September 2019 in my own home town of Langley where I grew up and named it Farmhouse in Provence Kitchen & Home. Here my shop aspires to be a chic version of a country store, reminiscent of a French market where you will find unexpected local artisan pieces from the Vancouver area as well as imported specialty merchandise for the kitchen, home and garden. Select linens, tableware, hand-carved olive wood utensils, bread and charcuterie boards, fresh cut flowers and potted plants, garden and home décor, rustic furniture pieces both new or reclaimed; all to enhance your home which you share with good dear friends and family while enjoying fine wine and a lovingly prepared meal. When I buy for the shop my aim is to create a space that you will remember and want to revisit: for the customer service, the quality, the character and essence of the experience.